Connecting with your customers has never been this easy.

Easily Notify Customers through our text messaging platform.

Are you missing out?

Marketing Made Easy.

Easy Process

Easily integrate your favorite database to our platform. Send messaging to your current customer list. Grow your list of customers quickly and efficiently.

High Deliverability

No other messaging medium has as high an open rate as text messaging. Over 97% of text messages sent will be read.

Cost Efficient

Notify your customers for as little as $0.03/message. No monthly subscription fee. No Contracts. Just send and win!

We get it. Acquiring customers is a challenge.

Business owners spend large amounts of capital trying to acquire customers. Consistently bringing customers back to you is the key to a successful thriving business. These clients have used our platform to grow and revive their businesses. 

Send messages about an upcoming event. big promotion. new location.

How it Works

1. Sign into Notify Customers

It takes a few moments to sign into your new account, answer a few setup items, and you are ready to start texting your customers.

2. Upload Your List

Directly integrate with your favorite database (Square, ServiceM8, or WordPress) or directly upload your contacts.

3. Text Your Customers

Send links, emojis, images, and clever ad copy to make your text message stand out and invite your customers back to your business.

At Notify Customers

We know that you want to be a thriving business. In order to do that you need repeat customers. The problem is many digital platforms are expensive and have low open rates. This can leave you feeling frustrated and lost.

We believe you should be able to effectively communicate with your customers at a reasonable cost. We understand how difficult it is to grow a business which is why we developed this platform.

Grow your business in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Sign in to Notify Customers
  2. Upload Your List
  3. Text Your Customers

So, Text Your Customers. And in the meantime, download our free guide (5 Best Practices Texting Your Customers). So you can stop feeling frustrated and grow your repeat business!

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