Bring customers back with texting.

Reach them when it matters. On your schedule. In their pockets.

Why texting works:

Are you losing repeat business?

Jamie just bought something at your store. 

Two weeks later she wants your product again…

But she already forgot about you, so shops somewhere else instead.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Remind Jamie who you are and what you offer with one of the best methods:

Text Message Campaigns

Marketing made easy.

Enhanced Features

View replies. Track delivery. Start 1-on-1 conversations. Schedule campaigns for later.

Simple Process

Automatically sync customers from Square or upload a list. Type a text and click Send.

Cost Efficient

No monthly fees. No contracts. Pay-as-you-go from $0.03 per text in the US and Canada.

Top 5 campaign ideas:

Text customers to promote a sale. to share an update. about new products. to get online reviews. to get their feedback.

3 steps to get started:

Create your account.

Set up a Notify account in 60 seconds. We add a $5 commitment-free credit to help you get started.

Add your customers.

Connect your Square account to sync customers automatically. Or upload a contact list via CSV.

Send your campaign.

Type your message and send it out. Communicate with customers so they keep coming back!

What our users say:


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Text Your Customers