We make it easy to communicate with customers with our KDS and messaging platform!

Fully Responsive

No need to download and install another app. We work perfectly on your iPad or Android tablet.

Built-in KDS

We've built a fully functional KDS screen for convenient use.

Simple Pricing

Our pricing is simple:

  • US/CA: $30/month + $0.03/message over 1,000
  • UK/AU: $80/month + $0.08/message over 1,000

Integrated with Square

We make sure Notify is up to date and using the latest technology from Square.

Easily Text Orders

Don't crowd your order area. Allow customers to move around and come back when the time is right.

Stop Using Antiquated Technology

Stop yelling at customers or using buzzers. Make it easy for customers to recevie notifications with Notify.

What people are saying...

Ulivo Pizzeria

"Very useful app! We run a food truck making hand crafted pizza and at times the line is over 1hr during rush hour. Thanks to Notify we can offer that extra service that people really appreciate."


"Great app providing some very welcome features that improve the customer experience. Like all of the best software tools: it just works! With responsive support whenever needed."

Geno D Pizza

"We love using the Notify Customers app! We operate in a food hall, and most of our customers dine in. With square not offering text with dine in on KDS we have resulted to use this app and it is Very Very quick easy customers love it too! Also if I ever have any questions about anything the support is quick to respond!"

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